Change Name On Facebook Page

Change Name On Facebook Page: As I was making the official step from Momcomm to Blog Clearness, among the first points I desired to do was transform my Facebook Page name. If you have actually ever before explored it, you'll discover that it isn't really fairly that easy. And it's not ensured they'll approve your new name. * bangs head on desk *.

So this message walks you with the steps not only of requesting a name adjustment, but additionally exactly how not to back yourself into a corner should your name not get approved.

Changing your Facebook Page name is really two separate parts: Requesting the actual name of your Facebook Page be transformed (the name presented next to your profile photo) as well as transforming your Page internet address (

Under 200 likes? You can alter your Page name on your own without a demand. Simply comply with steps 1-- 3 listed below, after that transform your name. If you have greater than 200 likes, then follow along the entire way via!

Change Name On Facebook Page


1. From the Admin Panel, go to Edit Page > Edit Settings.

2. Click the tab Page Info.

Right here you'll see your Page name, Page URL and a lot of other information.

3. Click Edit next to Page Name.

Do not obtain ahead of on your own and aim to change your Facebook LINK first! If somehow you do not obtain accepted, you'll need to start a brand-new Page and also you won't have the ability to use your new URL. So hold your horses you will certainly (claimed in my best Yoda voice).

4. Click Demand Adjustment.

When you click Demand Adjustment, a web page opens up on a brand-new tab to being the process. Ensure you REVIEW the standards for selecting a new name, after that click "I understand the formatting guidelines for my Page’s new name." When you do this more text shows up.

5. Select summary from the drop-down under "Your Page name currently represents.".

Underneath, much more text appears discussing some things to bear in mind before you change your Page name. Read all of it! And this text does vary relying on exactly what you chose.

As soon as you review, click "I would still like to transform my Page name. I have documentation to show this adjustment." Then EVEN MORE steps appear and at this point you begin obtaining cross-eyed.

But at the very least you're obtaining to the meat of the name change.

6. Enter your Desired Page name.

Currently we're getting somewhere. Notification they say altering subject or the Page meaning won't be approved. So if you write concerning hamsters and now you're attempting to discuss charm, well after that, you simply have to begin a new Page. The thinking is that individuals that liked your Page because you blogged about hamsters could not still want to follow you if you discuss appeal (well, unless you offer hamster makeup tips). Yeahhhh. Okay.

7. Inform Facebook WHY you're changing your name.

You do not obtain to create them a letter, and even a paragraph. You simply reach pick among these options.

When I altered from Momcomm to Blog Site Clearness, I selected "I am rebranding my Page." Since my web content didn't transform, simply the name did.

8. Add one piece paperwork to support your name modification.

You only obtain to include one thing so pick thoroughly. While it states that unacceptable paperwork includes a web site, I don't have utility or phone costs so I submitted a screenshot of my blog site with the URL receiving the internet browser home window. I can't assure you'll have the very same success but it benefited me.

9. Check extra boxes, then click send.

As you could see, you have to wait as much as 3 days to see if your request is accepted and also there could be a 14-day waiting period if it does get accepted.

And afterwards you wait.

If your name modification obtains authorized, you'll obtain an email claiming the adjustment has actually been authorized (yay!) and it might additionally claim there's a 14-day waiting period. If you return right into your Page name and click the concern mark, you'll see a message stating exactly what day your name change goes into impact.

Pointer: If you wake up on the morning of your name adjustment day and also see that it hasn't already transformed yet, no flipping out! Mine changed regarding mid-day so hang limited and also it'll occur at some time. Once when midnight strikes should you flip out.

If you don't obtain approved, I'm very sure that's the end of it and you need to develop a new Page, then ask your present followers to like you on your new Page.


As soon as your name has officially changed over, then as well as only after that need to you change your Page LINK. Yes, you can transform this sooner yet if somehow things go awry, you'll be delighted you waited.

1. From the Admin Panel, most likely to Edit Page > Edit Settings.

2. Click the tab Page Info.

3. Click Edit beside Facebook Web Address.

If the name is offered, pick and also ta-da! Your name modification is lastly complete!


If you've ever needed to change your Facebook Page name, I would certainly love for you to share your experience. Did you get accepted? Was it smooth? Tell me in the remarks!