How to Delete Facebook Activity Log

Is it possible to clear the activity log on Facebook? If so, how can I do it? How To Delete Facebook Activity Log?

The activity log of the timeline is an attribute introduced months ago with the profile updated to the brand-new timeline. Basically it is a log of all activities that connect to the profile, the actions taken, such as likes clicked, wall surface posts, comments, shares, and also also the investigates performed on Facebook. Everything that is connected with the profile is saved in the activity log in chronological order.

How To Delete Facebook Activity Log

To access the Log check outs your diary and also click the "activity Log" button in the reduced best edge of the cover picture. Or simply click here to gain access to:

On the activity log you will locate a variety of news each day noted and also categorized by classification. From the top of the menu you can choose which information filter to conveniently locate the ones that fascinate you. Every message you could click on the icon for the Exposure in the diary that allows you to hide the news from your journal (leaving the post on the activity log to determine whether to earn it noticeable at a later date) or remove it completely from Facebook.

Warning: the concealed news could appear in other places on Facebook. This suggests that if, as an example, a pal talked about your status upgrade and you hide the condition from your timeline, friends could still see the updates on their ticker or information feed, with a history "Tom talked about the status upgrade of Jerry". The only means to hide all the stories produced is to get rid of the news. Furthermore, an information concealed will certainly always come from its straight web link.

In addition to conceal an information tale or an article to everybody, from the activity log you could regulate the privacy setups of particular kinds of information. By doing this you could control who can see the things that you post straight from the activity log without having to go to see your timeline or the private web pages of each post.

Choose the level of privacy you desire. For points uploaded on your diary you can, for instance, choose a tailored privacy as well as decide to conceal them to one or even more people.