Facebook Cover Photo Best

Facebook Cover Photo Best: Facebook updates its picture dimensions regularly, and you can use this cheat sheet for quick recommendation. It has actually been a fantastic aid for our social media sites marketing group, and I'm certain you'll discover it extremely valuable also. Never presume those dimensions once again!

Facebook Cover Photo Best

Cover Photo size to use FB timeline

It excels to make use of 850px broad and also 315px height top quality resolution picture which will fit flawlessly.

Minimum size of Cover Image

The Cover image need to be atleast 399 pixels wide, the photo below 399 pixels wide willl program error.

If you try a bigger picture to place on your cover web page than facebook will offer and also option to plant that image.

What Changed With Facebook Cover Picture Dimension 2016 - 2017?

Then these modifications happened:

Springtime 2016: The desktop computer size decreased to 828 pixels. I decreased the height for mobile as necessary. Facebook personal profiles are NOT impacted.

Summertime 2016: There are not type or profile photo overlays on the cover image!

Wintertime 2017: The desktop computer dimension was reduced to 820 x 312 pixels, from 828 x 315.

This coincides proportion! So you do not should redesign your cover image if it's 828 x 315.