Facebook Page Name Change

Facebook Page Name Change: As I was making the main action from Momcomm to Blog site Clearness, among the first things I wished to do was change my Facebook Page name. If you have actually ever before explored it, you'll discover that it isn't rather that simple. And also it's not ensured they'll approve your new name. * bangs head on workdesk *.

So this post walks you via the steps not just of requesting a name modification, however also exactly how not to back yourself right into an edge needs to your name not obtain accepted.

Transforming your Facebook Page name is really two different parts: Asking for the real name of your Facebook Page be transformed (the name presented next to your profile picture) as well as transforming your Page internet address (fb.com/yourpagename).

Under 200 sort? You can transform your Page name yourself without a request. Simply comply with actions 1-- 3 below, after that change your name. If you have greater than 200 sort, then comply with along the entire means via!

Facebook Page Name Change


1. From the Admin Panel, most likely to Edit Page > Edit Settings.

2. Click the tab Page Info.

Below you'll see your Page name, Page LINK and a great deal of other information.

3. Click Edit beside Page Name.

Do not obtain in advance of on your own as well as attempt to alter your Facebook URL initially! If somehow you don't obtain approved, you'll need to begin a new Page and also you will not have the ability to use your brand-new LINK. So be patient you will certainly (claimed in my ideal Yoda voice).

4. Click Demand Adjustment.

When you click Demand Adjustment, a page opens on a new tab to being the process. Make sure you CHECK OUT the standards for picking a new name, then click "I understand the formatting guidelines for my Page’s new name." When you do this more text appears.

5. Select summary from the drop-down under "Your Page name currently stands for.".

Beneath, much more message appears clarifying some points to bear in mind prior to you transform your Page name. Review it all! And this text does differ depending on what you picked.

When you check out, click "I would certainly still such as to alter my Page name. I have documents to show this change." After that EVEN MORE actions appear and also at this factor you begin obtaining cross-eyed.

Yet at the very least you're getting to the meat of the name adjustment.

6. Enter your Desired Page name.

Now we're getting someplace. Notice they claim transforming subject issue or the Page significance will not be accepted. So if you discuss hamsters as well as now you're attempting to discuss beauty, well then, you just have to start a new Page. The reasoning is that individuals who liked your Page due to the fact that you covered hamsters might not still wish to follow you if you cover appeal (well, unless you offer hamster makeup tips). Yeahhhh. Okay.

7. Tell Facebook WHY you're transforming your name.

You don't reach compose them a letter, and even a paragraph. You just reach choose among these options.

When I transformed from Momcomm to Blog Quality, I picked "I am rebranding my Page." Due to the fact that my material really did not change, just the name did.

8. Include one item documentation to sustain your name adjustment.

You just reach add one item so choose very carefully. While it says that inappropriate paperwork includes a site, I do not have energy or phone bills so I submitted a screenshot of my blog with the URL revealing in the internet browser window. I cannot assure you'll have the very same success but it helped me.

9. Examine a lot more boxes, after that click send out.

As you can see, you need to wait as much as 3 days to see if your demand is authorized and also there might be a 14-day waiting period if it does get accepted.

And also then you wait.

If your name modification gets authorized, you'll obtain an e-mail saying the change has actually been approved (yay!) as well as it may likewise claim there's a 14-day waiting period. If you go back right into your Page name and click the concern mark, you'll see a message stating just what day your name modification goes into impact.

Pointer: If you awaken on the morning of your name adjustment day and also see that it hasn't altered yet, no freaking out! Mine altered regarding mid-day so hang tight and also it'll occur eventually. Once when midnight strikes should you go nuts.

If you don't get accepted, I'm rather sure that's the end of it and also you should produce a brand-new Page, then ask your present followers to like you on your new Page.


When your name has officially changed over, then and also just after that need to you transform your Page URL. Yes, you could change this sooner however if for some factor things go awry, you'll rejoice you waited.

1. From the Admin Panel, go to Edit Page > Edit Settings.

2. Click the tab Page Info.

3. Click Edit next to Facebook Internet Address.

If the name is readily available, choose and ta-da! Your name change is ultimately total!


If you've ever before had to change your Facebook Page name, I would certainly enjoy for you to share your experience. Did you obtain approved? Was it seamless? Tell me in the remarks!