How to Recover Old Facebook Messages

How To Recover Old Facebook Messages: We are here to learn you all facebook lessons, methods, making covers, addressing troubles, facebook designs ... etc we hope you enjoy with us.

How To Recover Old Facebook Messages

when you want to review your old facebook messages, you need to wait packing for along time so we thinking about this problem, if this loading makes you irritated, you are in the right place. To know ways to review your old facebook messages, comply with these actions:

1. Most likely to your settings.

2. In general settings, Click on download a copy, you will see it under language bar.

3. Click start my archive.

4. Again Click start my archive.

5. Click ok

6. Again Go to your settings.

7. Click download a copy.

8. If it ready, you will see download archive, click download archive (it need around one min to be all set).

9. Re-enter your password after that click on submit.

10. When it downloaded, open index.

note: I suggest you to open it on Google chrome for rate. Right click on index and also open with Google chrome.

11. Click on messages to see your all old facebook messages from first word when you created this account to this minute.


These messages are set up with specific means in the beginning: your last close friend who talked with you from very first word to last word then: your last but one close friend that talked with you from first word to last word and so forth. So if you want particular buddy, click (ctrl + f) after that paste your close friend name.