Cover Facebook Size

We've invested an outrageous amount of time in current weeks identifying the excellent dimensions for Facebook Group, Web Page and Cover Facebook Size.

" Why do not you just Google it?" I hear you say.

Well Googling it causes a mass of contradictory referrals - mainly obsolete. Perfect photo dimensions have actually transformed over the years (of course-- this is Facebook besides). And exactly what we have realised is a lot of these referrals are much from optimal entering into 2018.

Cover Facebook Size

FB cover photo dimensions: get up to a period of mobile and also video-first

The tl; dr variation: you currently need to be creating all cover images PageGroup and also Account) at 1920px x 1080px.

As well as indeed, we are totally aware that 1920px x 1080px is METHOD much deeper than the typical letterbox size.

We social media sites managers spend far also much time on desktop as opposed to making use of Facebook like our followers and also Group members do-- i.e. on their mobiles/smartphones. So we create on desktop, examination on desktop computer as well as usually never ever see exactly how dreadful our photos view on mobile or tablet computer.

Cover photos on mobile in our recommended measurements make in complete. If you've only submitted the conventional letterbox size you'll be missing out on a bunch of smartphone realty. That same picture will be chopped (possibly terribly) on tablet computer and also desktop computer.

Our recommended 1920px x 1080px dimension is actually a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you've spent whenever functioning with video clip, you'll understand that this is the basic dimension for HD video clip. As well as of program you can now post video as an option to a picture on your Facebook Web page (that alternative for Accounts and Groups is bound to be right here at some time quickly-- slideshows on Pages is likewise presently in a very early roll-out).

The OLD superficial letterbox size (which you'll still see recommended by a lot of people) is:

Groups: 820 x 250 (we recommend you create this in 1920 x 1080).
Pages: 820 x 312 (we suggest you create this in 1920 x 1080).
Individual Account: 851 x 315 (we suggest you create this in 1920 x 1080).
But also for the reasons we describe below, it's a great deal better to produce your image in further 16:9 measurements:.

Universal advised size for all all Facebook cover images PageGroup and also Profile): 1920px x 1080px.

Just what about the resolution?

In addition to this measurement modification we have actually opted for a high resolution referral due to the fact that we are also considering the surge of higher res devices such as Retina Present-- you desire your cover pictures to look all crisp and clear there too do not you! 1920px x 1080px future evidence you somewhat and also covers off pretty a lot any type of various other device presently on the market.

On resolution Facebook doesn't assist when it claims "Keep in mind that your cover photo need to go to least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels high". This is merely a minimal size and in our experience we find it way as well rough as well as the suggestions offers no support on safe locations for text.

As long as it's not an insane size you will not be punished for publishing a great large high res photo (this made use of to be the situation with Facebook Teams where compression was used) yet say goodbye to.

One word of caution, relying on the screen you utilize to view (i.e. non high res/retina display), you may discover the image a little unclear. We have actually experimented with JPG vs PNG and also a range of dimensions from 640x360 all the method to 1640x923. Now 820x461 usually looks the sharpest on older displays but we would certainly still advise 1920px x 1080px for ideal future proofing.

What are the drawbacks of this deeper Facebook cover picture?

The advantage is a lovely deep image to play with that makes in all its depth on mobile. However on tablets as well as desktop it gets reduced very drastically as our cropping graphic below programs.

These deep dimensions provide the most effective sight on mobile as it uses the entire photo and provides you the largest area feasible for the photo on the indigenous application. It additionally offers you a larger area for any type of message that Facebook itself positions on top of the photo in some circumstances.

As you don't have an option to submit different variations for mobile vs desktop computer making you should be super-aware of where your picture will get chopped on various tools. Keep message to the safe area as well as ensure that nothing else in the photo looks strange when savagely cropped.

View dimensions for Facebook Groups, Pages and also Profiles

If you typically aren't geeked out enough already we thought we 'd share how the different pictures actually appear on different tools.

Facebook Group cover photo dimensions:.

-Overall - 820px x 461px
-Mobile - 640px x 360px
-Tablet - 820px x 303px
-Desktop - 820px x 332px (1640px x 664px Retina Display)

For all the above create your picture as 1920px x 1080px.

Facebook Web page cover photo measurements:.

-Overall - 820px x 461px
-Mobile - 640px x 360px
-Tablet - 820px x 391px
-Desktop - 820px x 312px (1640px x 624px Retina Display)

For all the above produce your picture as 1920px x 1080px.

Facebook Account cover image dimensions:.

-Overall - 851px x 479px
-Mobile - 640px x 360px
-Tablet - 851px x 406px
-Desktop - 851px x 315px (1702px x 630px Retina Display)

For all the above create your picture as 1920px x 1080px.

And (more geekery) know that exactly what you see will certainly likewise vary on which browser/app variants you are making use of. Facebook treats each of these 3 variants in different ways:.

- Tablet computer web browser and desktop computer web browser (eg Safari/Chrome).
- Mobile phone internet internet browser as well as tablet indigenous Facebook application.
- Ultimately the indigenous Facebook phone application.

Plus (as well as here we actually are with Alice down the rabbit hole) the picture is then chopped differently depending upon where it surface areas-- eg as an advised Group vs on the Group's residence url.