How to Hide My Profile In Facebook

How To Hide My Profile In Facebook: Sick of individuals sharing your individual details on your timeline for everyone to see? Check out these 2 setups to reclaim control of your timeline

Friends and loved ones might be well-meaning when they make a decision to share little pieces of details, and even a picture, on your Facebook timeline. However, these messages could share personal details without your specific consent.

The most convenient remedy is to unfriend someone who shares way too much, however that can be ... unpleasant when it's a relative or close friend. Instead, take a look at these 2 choices for maintaining details you do not want shared off your timeline.

How To Hide My Profile In Facebook

Quit others from posting to your timeline

If you 'd like to maintain anyone from posting on your timeline at all, click the menu in the top right-hand corner and head to Settings. Left wing, select Timeline and Tagging, after that you'll see a choice identified "Who can post on your timeline?" If you change this setting to "Only Me" nobody will have the ability to create on your wall surface unless you toggle it back to "Friends".

Change who can view your timeline

Preventing all blog posts to your timeline is a little bit extreme, so you could simply wish to limit who could see the articles shared on it instead. In the very same Settings > Timeline and Tagging menu, you'll wish to readjust the setting alongside "Who can see what others post on your timeline?" This option allows a little bit more adaptability, since you can approve a specific group access to see your timeline.

Has anyone you're close friends with on Facebook shared something they shouldn't have on your timeline? Share your tale in the comments.