Logging Out Of Facebook Messenger

Facebook has revamped the user interface (UI) of the Messenger app. The previous approach that I educated you (right here) no longer works since they have actually eliminated the log out button in its existing design ~ Logging Out Of Facebook Messenger.

Crazy. I understand.

I visited this application's reviews area in the Application Shop. Unsurprisingly, it was flooded with surging negative testimonials. There were lots of people asking for a log out attribute. Did you submit an ask for that function, as well? I did.

My head silently shrieked it.

My suffocated heart kicked, rebelled, as well as questioned.

" Why make it so hard for me to leave?"

Clingy application.

Does it remind you of your clingy ex-spouse? Cool! There's a way out.

Facebook has actually gone too hostile in maintaining us visited the app. It is upsetting. Currently let me assist you treat your frustration. Prepare yourself to jump into the bunny hole.

Word of care: If you are reading this article means beyond the posting day, this might not function as Facebook could have transformed the UI once more. Still, give these techniques a try initially prior to leaving.

Logging Out Of Facebook Messenger

"For Android: Funny sufficient the Facebook Messenger application does not consist of a Log Out switch for some unusual reason. However there is a method for you to Log Out. Just go into Settings -> App Manage -> All, find and also open Messenger. Then click Clear Cache as well as Clear Data. In the meantime this is the only way you could log out of Facebook Messenger."

Facebook advises that you delete the application and re-install it and detach. It's time consuming. You are clever and also you do not need to do it in this way.

This is how you can log out from the app:


-Release conversation app.
-Touch the symbol for SETTINGS.
-Scroll down delicately till you can detect the highlighted words, DATA USE -POLICY. Faucet that blue hyperlink.
-Touch the menu bar on the top left edge.
-Zoom slowly until you can see clearly your ACCOUNT PHOTO at the top right corner.
-Tap your image to expose the drop down menu.
-Tap LOG OUT from that fall menu.

Viola! You have finally logged out from the Facebook Messenger App. You are now able to visit a various user on it.


-Introduce the major Facebook app.
-Tap the menu bar for MORE.
-Scroll down up until you discover SETTINGS.
-Touch it.
-Discover the entry that provides these:
-Device Kind: Facebook Messenger on iOS 8.

Gadget Call: Facebook for iPhone.

Touch the X icon beside that log to end its session.

As well as you're done. You can currently allow a different customer visit to the application.


You do not need to uninstall/reinstall Facebook Messenger on your apple iphone. You could either log out within the chat app or end the active session at the major Facebook application.

Were you able to log out from the Facebook Messenger app utilizing these methods?