How to Remove A Review From Facebook

How To Remove A Review From Facebook: Reviews can feel like an unholy combination: mad consumers and also net commenting. You're possibly below due to the fact that you've received pungent charges by consumers with difficult assumptions or possibly that met you on a poor day. You have 3 instant choices for poor Facebook Reviews: a) respond to the grievances publicly to fix the circumstance; b) get rid of the Facebook REVIEW area totally; or c) do nothing and wish for the best.
In a best world, you can make amends with your unhappy consumers and get them to change or remove their own REVIEW. At least, much more favorable Reviews would begin streaming in to increase your average star ranking.

Yet let's state your Facebook Reviews are weighted down by negative scores as well as you have some hideous, disparaging words that won't disappear. Reviews on Yelp and Google are more noticeable and reputable. Let's look at the situation for eliminating the Facebook REVIEW section.

How To Remove A Review From Facebook


1. Check out
2. Search for the drop-down arrow (upper best edge).
3. Select Activity Log from the drop-down checklist.

4. Locate the story about your score of the business.
5. Touch the pencil icon or down arrow alongside the tale.
6. Select "Delete".

When to Remove Facebook Reviews Totally

We're more than likely to suggest closing down the Reviews if your situation fulfills these standards:.

- Ordinary score listed below 4 stars.
- Ratings are lower than your business has on other REVIEW sites.
- Favorable Reviews typically aren't coming fast enough to elevate the average.
- Replying to poor Reviews has actually not assisted.