What to Post In Instagram

Not all content should be shared anywhere. And also not all material is suitable for every single social media systems - What To Post In Instagram.

It's great to post completely various things on different systems. As a matter of fact, it may even assist you to increase your engagement.

As an example, if you take a look at our Twitter and Instagram accounts, you'll notice that we post completely various things on each platform.

Yet how do you choose just what to post on each social networks platform?

To help you with your social media advertising approach, we would enjoy to share some pointers and examples that have helped us and also others.

By the end of this message, we hope you'll recognize specifically what to share on each of your social media accounts.

What To Post In Instagram

High-res pictures

Instagram has actually ended up being a place where individuals post only the very best images (as well as videos) on their account.

After interviewing and evaluating 11,000 13 to 24-year-olds around the globe, Facebook suggests marketers to "assimilate to stand apart":

"Instagrammers appreciate aesthetic quality in visual material as well as will typically make the initiative to change the commonplace right into a point of elegance. Brand names looking for to engage teens and also young people will certainly wish to supply an organic experience by going for top quality, too. Photos and video clip will preferably be attractive, attentively made up and skillfully presented."

Here are a few sorts of top quality photos you can post to Instagram:

Product photos: If you market physical products such as style or food, you could post high-resolution images of your Product in various settings.

Behind-the-scenes: One more popular type of Instagram images from brand names are behind-the-scenes images. These could be images of people in the business, events, or the making of a product (e.g. exactly how a recipe is prepared).

User-generated content: If you can't obtain ideal Product images or adequate behind the curtain pictures like us (a remote company that develops software), you can post user-generated content. User-generated content expanded our Instagram account by over 500 percent in a year.


While curating fantastic user-generated web content for your Instagram account, make certain to request permission from the original poster prior to re-posting it.


Motivational and inspiring quotes are one of one of the most prominent web content kinds on Instagram (with more than 42 million posts tagged with #quotes at the time of writing).

If you are incapable to obtain such photos with quotes, you could additionally create graphics with quotes utilizing complimentary design tools like Canva as well as Adobe Glow.


Right here are 3 ideas from Andrew Hutchinson of Social Network Today for getting the most out of your quote posts:

-- Seek out the very best quotes which support your brand name mission
-- Utilize your personal photos where possible
-- Do not overdo it


While it is very important to have a consistent style for your Instagram account, you can be a little versatile with your Instagram Stories. That's because they would certainly vanish in 24 Hr.

There are various means of using Instagram Stories for your advertising. Right here are a few instances:

- Storytelling.
- Share how-to tutorials.
- Advertise an article.
- Share a listing.
- Introduce limited time deals and also promotions.
- Offer free gifts and also discount rate promo codes.
- Share data, study, and statistics.
- Share quotes and ideas.
- Present an Instagram takeover visitor.
- Share news, information, and updates.

While sharing your Instagram Stories, bear in mind to keep them in line with your Instagram advertising strategy.

IDEA: A quick method to develop beautiful Instagram Stories is to start with a template. Right here are 10 complimentary customizable Instagram Stories design templates you can use.